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The Wind at the Top of the Hill

Alto Saxophone & Synthesized Sound
Dedicated to Harvey Jacobs, the Composerís Father
Commissioned by Paul Haar
Featured in "The Saxophone Journal" Sept/Oct 2000 with Score and CD
33 minutes | 1999
Score 24 pages

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1016

"Ashes and Dust"
"Grace and Dignity"

Subdued technically, the numerous pianissimos in all registers are the most challenging aspect of this work, which was inspired by a trip to visit the grave of the composerís father. It was a beautiful day in early summer, and it had been seven months since his passing. Seated in the grass on the side of the Indiana hill, the composer was struck by the certainty that his father no longer was there. Various frames of mind, experienced sequentially during this brief visit, are reflected in the titles to the individual movements. The vision was broken when a gust of wind swirled around the top of the hill and seemingly rose to the sky. The complete title of the work is: "The Wind at the Top of the Hill That Takes Your Spirit From Me".