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Tracing Infinity

Piano & Synthesized Sound
Commissioned by the Tennessee Music Teachers Association
25 minutes | 1989
Score 23 pages

Recorded on Opus One CD 153 and Zyode CD DS1013

Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2

This work matches solo piano with pre-recorded sounds in a decidedly female / male relationship. In keeping with the essence of "tracing", textures generally are thin and Baroque-like in their linear movement and continuous pulse, but the rhythmic groupings are contemporary in their shifting patterns of four and five.

Although highly sensuous, it is a reflective work, both delicate and intense in its passion. The title has double meaning in that it refers both to the spiritual quality of the work and to the technical relation of the two instruments. The sparse accompaniment interacts sporadically at first with the tracing piano line, gradually interweaving more closely until achieving rhythmic synchronization at the climax. For a brief moment the lines are locked together, before mutually interdependent characters emerge at the close.