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Synthesized Sound
28 minutes | 1990

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS0010

"Seeking Oblivion"
"The Dream That Grew Between Them"
"The Other Selves"
"Little Wound of Ecstasy"
"Kimonos on Pillows"
"The Everyday Feast"

This music is loosely based upon the short story of the same name by Anais Nin, although movement titles are by the composer. A reticent writer expecting "something marvelous" from her mountain vacation, Elena begins a relationship with Pierre, a decisive aristocrat with an air of danger about him. Following ten incredible days locked away from the world, neither admits to dependency, and each returns to work and the amusements of city life and friends. Seeing each other only occasionally and unsure of the permanence of the relationship, they protect themselves with role-playing. They become actors exploring all aspects of their natures as the games expand to include friends of both sexes. However, the feelings of joy keep resurfacing in spite of the game-playing. Recounting the things that initially attracted them to each other, Elena and Pierre ultimately admit their love and develop an appreciation for the "fire that does not burn".