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Passage to Honor House

Synthesized Sound
Artwork by the Composer
62 minutes | 1984-1986
International New Music Composers Award 1989

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS0008

"Age of Innocence"
"Little Ones"
"Through the Cracks"
"The Road Ahead"
"In Search of Wisdom"
"The Battle Within"
"A Vision"
"Time Machine"

This work consists of fourteen diverse and irregular sections that make up halves of equal length. The sounds - some novel, some familiar - form a layered, intricate fabric of textures and colors that create intense emotions. Conflict and sorrow are present, especially during the moody central sections, but ultimately a jubilant, triumphant spirit prevails. Density and dissonance level vary with the emotions that are woven out of this fabric. Some sections are rhythmically free and contain numerous non-pitched sounds, while others are based on recurring motives and are metered.

The composer painted three hundred twenty images to accompany this music. Bright colors, bold patterns, and shifting light and dark backgrounds form abstract images that reflect the moods and spiritual conflict of the music. This conflict is symbolized by the light and dark backgrounds that struggle for supremacy in the second half and eventually mark the "passage".

The sounds were created using techniques of additive synthesis and frequency modulation, and the musical score, written in New England Digital’s "Script" language, consists of thousands of lines of computer instructions.