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Private Obsessions

Synthesized Sound
Photography by the Composer
39 minutes | 1979-1985

"Solitary Beginnings"
"Special Someone"
"Passion’s Eye"
"Ice Castle"
"Ceremonies and Rituals"
"Truth’s Mirror"

This piece began as an experiment in repetitive writing. Each section is based upon an elaborate and sometimes lengthy ostinato pattern - totally obsessive in nature. However, the music is kept from being overbearing by the mixing technique: not all parts of the pattern are revealed at any given time. Rather, they fade in and out or start and stop abruptly. Additionally, other sounds are layered on top and woven around so that one occasionally is distracted from the obsessive nature of the underlying materials.

Several hundred photographs accompany the music, each section revolving around a central theme, some of which are humorous.