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Savanna Afternoon

Synthesized Sound
Photography by the Composer
15 minutes | 1978, 1985

Recorded on Zyode compact disc DS1001

"A Vision"

This is a sleepy piece, slowly unveiling layer upon layer of sound. A whimsical, daydream atmosphere is created where slowly pulsating, complex sounds emerge and disappear. Occasional snippets of rhythm float about in a not-quite-of-this-world ambiance and disappear into the fog of sounds just as they appeared.

Although originally conceived as a purely musical work, the composer revisited this piece seven years later, adding a visual component. Much of the close-up photography accompanying the work is textural in nature. From tree bark to human skin to lace to ice crystals, the origin of the images frequently is unrecognizable. Instead, the visuals form abstract patterns of form and color, contributing to the overall other-worldly milieu.