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Melinda Joy

Viola Ensemble in 4 Parts
8 minutes | 2009
Score 8 pages

Commissioned by the 37th International Viola Congress
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

A character study of the composer’s wife, the sixteen sections of the work have descriptive adjectives that match alliteratively the rehearsal letters A through P. They are: Altruistic, Bouncy, Courageous, Direct, Elegant, Focused, Glorious, Headlong, Irrepressible, Joyful, Kind, Lusty, Many-Sided, Noble, Orderly, and Playful. Each depicts an aspect of her personality in a musical setting. For example, the section titled “Many-Sided” corresponds to the climactic section in which several of the work’s themes are layered contrapuntally. The energy level is high, the mood is happy, and the style is reminiscent of minimalism in its constant pulse and motivic repetitions. A syncopated bass pattern is present through much of the work.