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Sideways Glances

8 Pieces for Trombone Accompanied by Piano or Synthesized Sound
40 minutes | 2011
Score 39 pages

"Merriment With Mary Ann"
"The Pain of Pamela"
"Cozying Up to Connie"
"The Distress Over Dorothy"
"Crazy About Katy"
"The Mischief With Martha"
"Lollygagging With Linda"
"Rockin' With Ruth"

These works raise the virtuosity bar for trombone. Demanding in pitch, rhythm, and dynamic range, they require an unprecedented level of stamina. Each of the eight pieces is dedicated to a different young lady the composer had a crush on between the ages of five and nine. Always syncopated and frequently humorous, these works are impetuous and energetic, as befitting their subject matter. As an example, "The Mischief With Martha" occurred on the playground in first grade, when the composer gave his lunch money to two cohorts to seize and hold the unwitting lass while he kissed her on the cheek. Apparently, he lived to tell about it.