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Celebration of the Dawn

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
46 minutes | 2012

"Eagerly" (Cello and Orchestra)
"Tenderly" (Cello and Orchestra)
"Languidly" (Cello and Orchestra)
"Radiantly" (Cello and Orchestra)

Piano Reduction Available
Score 41 pages

"Eagerly" (Cello and Piano)
"Tenderly" (Cello and Piano)
"Languidly" (Cello and Piano)
"Radiantly" (Cello and Piano)

Slightly non-conventional in form, this concerto in four movements is focused on its melodies. It also is highly rhythmic. The seed of the work originated ten years earlier with the first theme of the third movement. After making careful note of it, the composer proceeded to work on many other necessary projects. This was not the happiest of times in the composer's life, so the projected title was "Expectation of the Dawn".

However, the composer's life took a dramatic turn for the better in late 2008, when he met his soulmate. In late 2009, they moved to a home high in the Smoky Mountains. His studio faced squarely and unobstructedly into the National Park, where each morning the sun rose above all the major peaks of the park lined up in succession. It was a special and sacred place, having looked much the same for millions of years, with little or no sign of human contamination. Following this move, he proceeded to write all of the work's many themes in the mountains (except the one mentioned previously), where mornings were looked forward to eagerly. At that time, the title was "Anticipation of the Dawn", and the mood of the work had changed somewhat.

The winter of 2011-2012 saw work on this music progress at a feverish pace, other projects having been completed or set aside. When the cello / piano score was finished in the early spring of 2012, the music had lost much of its original mournful quality and taken on a joyful tone--a "Celebration of the Dawn".